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Issue: I  Vol: VI

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Hello Old Friend!


** Attention ** We are currently converting the website into a blog. During this time we will still be posting our latest adventures on our Facebook Page. Take the time to check out our FB page and New Blog.

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      Recently we have gotten many emails asking if Strange New England was still active. My answer is an enthusiastic YES!

      Since our last update in spring, we have still been out on the trail of some of New England long forgotten and often odd stories and destinations.


Subterranean Secrets



The story of Eldon French's discovery of a beautiful cave reads like a young boy's fantasy.  It reminded me of those moments in my own childhood where I would read about pirates secreting treasure on some lonely shoreline or the discovery of ancient ruins. I would be out exploring the forests the next day in the hopes of making my own discovery. Eldon was one of the few whose love for exploration and keen sense of observation paid off.  He had discovered what is still considered one of the longest caves in New England. Though my own childhood adventures more often met with great disappointment, this would be my chance to revisit those fantasies of my youth while living vicariously through Eldon's story.


Minister's Rock


New England has many rocks with mysterious and cryptic messages scaring their surface. One of the more recognized is ‘Dighton Rock’ located along Route 24 in Dighton Massachusetts . Also off of 24, buried in the forests of East Bridgewater , is a strange rock not many are aware of.....



Little People  Village


     In the city of Waterbury Connecticut, not far west of Holy Land, is a curious tract of land that is home to a local legend. Flanked by a major highway, private homes and business, this triangle of forest and swamp is not easily accessible. Hidden near its apex are the remains of what has been the inspiration for this lore. The popular name for this spot is The Little People Village but it has also been called The Daemon Village.

     There are many different versions of this strange legend but I'll try to summarize the most common facets of this odd tale. 


NH's Devil Monkey



Since 1923, the Appalachians have been believed to be the stomping ground of what some people call Devil Monkeys. Though they are thought to lurk in the mountains, every so often they are seen venturing into suburbia. They are described as between three and eight feet in height, with baboon or dog-like snouts, and dark black hair. These hostile primates are said to sport long claws, pointy ears and white hair from neck to belly. What makes those who have witness them so frightened is not only how out of place they appear, but that they have been reported to attack and sometime kill, small game, livestock and dogs.


Upton Chamber


Over 10 years ago, when we had just begun to delve into the stranger side of New England , a unique site that was top on our list was called the Upton Chamber. We stumbled across it in a book I picked up at a used book store in Providence RI .  

Upton chamber is one of the largest underground stone chambers in New England . A six foot high fourteen foot long tunnel leads into the mammoth chamber. The chamber is twelve foot in diameter and twelve foot high and beehive in shape, like a large stone igloo. 


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