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        Captain William Kidd was one of the most celebrated characters that lurked around New England.  His career of piracy began and ended in Massachusetts.  Towns all over New England each have their own tale of Kidd secreting his treasures in the darkness of night before turning himself in to the authorities in Boston.  Before gaining his reputation as a pirate though, he was a well-respected Commander of a privateer during the King William’s War.  Known for his skill and bravery as a Captain, he later was commissioned to fight a war against the pirates that haunted the Atlantic.  From this point on it wasn’t long before he was accused of becoming a pirate himself.  According to  ‘The Pirates Own Book’, a collection of, circumstantial accounts, trials and narratives from the 1700’s, before sailing, Kidd buried his bible on the shores of Plymouth sound. Its divine principles were so inconsistent with his wicked course of life that he decided not to keep a book that condemned his lawless career.  Though there are no details as to how he buried it, Kidd may have done this with great care.  If he planned to reclaim it once he retired from his iniquitous life, he might have wrapped it in a velum and buried in a chest.  Also being a ships Captain he would have purchased a bible sturdy enough to handle the rough life of a sailor.  At the time, there were bibles available that had metal bindings and clasps made for travelers.  Some of these, not only had beautiful details engraved into the covers but also were made with precious metals like gold and silver;  so, Kidd’s bible could be considered the first treasure he buried in New England.  Most likely it was consumed by the earth and elements long ago.  Who really knows?;  so, if you see something odd sticking out of the sands of Plymouth sound, take a closer look, it just might belong to the most famous pirate ever, Captain Kidd.    

~One Eyed Jack




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