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       I'm Michael Girard, the creator of Strange New England, an online journal & portfolio of the many strange places, history & folklore I have reseached in New England. I am available for lectures, interviews, & consulting. If interested please contact me at

       Strange New England is a field guide to the forgotten, unusual, and simply strange folklore, history and destinations in New England.  It began with a need to explore and travel for fun on weekends and evolved into a fulltime project and career.   It is a collection of many years of research and on-going investigation.  I dig through archives, interview local people and travel throughout the Northeast to visit forgotten sites.  I work to unlock the mysteries that our region holds.  Haunted houses, ancient structures, sea monsters, mysterious locations and tales handed down for many generations are a few of the many interesting stories New England has to offer.  I look for things that have been long forgotten or are only familiar to the people of that area.  Whether itís just a story about a local witch or a lead to a unique destination Strange New England will be there to uncover it.  Many times one particular story will have many different tales, each with its own flavor and color.  No matter how many times I hear a story, I'll always listen.  I'd like to think that the history books draw in the outlines but I fill it in with color.  I investigate and record the distinctive history and folklore that makes New England so unique. 

       The purpose of my work is not to prove or disprove anything I investigate.  I prefer to be thought of as a warehouse of lore, facts and experiences.  I present the details facts & personal experience I acquired during each investigation and leave it up to the reader to draw their own conclusion.  My hope is to inform and entertain the reader by taking them along with me as I explore each of these unique stories.  Think of Strange New England as journal for the armchair adventurer or field guide for the curious New Englander.

       While I may report on many unique places, not all of them are open for the public to enter.  I donít encourage any sort of trespassing or vandalisms.  If a place I mention should not be visited I will make that clear.  I suggest that you leave it up to professional explorers & researchers to handle these tricky sites and enjoy the stories.  With all other stories I will surely give you tips and suggestion on how to make your trip safe and hassle free.  Always remember to respect and preserve any place you visit so others may also enjoy them. 

       Finally, Strange New England is also a place for others to share their experiences.  If you know of a place or have a story to tell, I encourage you to write to me about it.  Also, if you have info on a story I've already covered please send your views, experiences or leads to Strange New England.  My greatest resource has always been the people I've meet along the way. Enjoy the site and maybe Iíll see you when I'm hot on the trail of my next story! 

~The ~Michael Girard






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